Warrant issued for woman caught with 73 pounds of pot

YORK – An arrest warrant has been issued for Amelia Lopez-Avendano, 31, of Santa Rosa, California, who was earlier caught with 73 pounds of high-grade marijuana during a traffic stop in York County.

She was scheduled for a status hearing this past week in York County District Court but did not show up.

Avendano earlier pleaded not guilty.

While a deputy with the York County Sheriff’s Department was on regular duty, on Interstate 80, he saw a motorist slam on their brakes when they saw his cruiser parked in the median. The vehicle then quickly moved into the outside lane, causing a semi-truck and trailer driver to slam on his brakes to avoid a collision, the deputy’s affidavit says.

A traffic stop was initiated and Avendano was found to be the driver. Due to several indicators of illegal activity, court documents indicate the deputy asked for consent to search the vehicle, which was granted.

A search of the vehicle resulted in the finding of multiple bags containing a total of 73 pounds of high-grade marijuana.

She has been charged with delivery of a controlled substance, a Class 2A felony; possession of more than one pound of marijuana, a Class 4 felony; and having no drug tax stamp, a Class 4 felony.


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