York man sent to prison for strangulation cases

YORK –Leland Ward II, 31, of York, who was accused of strangling, sexually assaulting and terrorizing a York woman, has been sentenced to prison in two cases.

During an earlier status hearing held in York County District Court, Ward pleaded no contest to two assaults by strangulation, Class 3A felonies; and seven other felonies (including first degree sexual assault and terroristic threats) were dismissed.

He was arrested by the York Police Department, when the cases began.

Ward was charged in two separate cases.

In one case, Ward was charged with two counts of assault by strangulation, both Class 3A felonies, and making terroristic threats, also a Class 3A felony. There are no details about the allegations in court documents.

In the second case, he was accused of attempt of a Class 1D felony, a Class 2 felony; two counts of first degree assault, which are Class 2 felonies; first degree sexual assault, a Class 2 felony; assault by strangulation, a Class 2 felony; and terroristic threats, a Class 3A felony.

In the second case, a York Police officer indicates the victim was distraught, having troubles talking and swallowing, when she arrived at the police station. She said she had been repeatedly strangled by Ward and she had had difficulty breathing. She said she feared for her life and he had threatened to kill her.

The officer said in court documents she had physical injuries which were indicative of someone who had been strangled.

The woman was transported from the police department, by ambulance, to York General hospital.

Meanwhile, officers arrested Ward at his apartment on West Eighth Street.

The police department received information about the victim’s injuries which were very severe and serious.

Court documents indicate he threatened to kill her repeatedly, he sexually assaulted her and at one point, said to the victim, “he felt like he was meant to be a rapist in life, while grinning.”

The other details of the night-long assault cannot be published due to the graphic nature of the court documents’ information.

This past week, he was sentenced to three years in prison for the first count, to be followed by 18 months post-release supervision. He was also sentenced to a term of 18 months in prison with 18 months of post-release supervision in the second count.


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