The world according to Rico – No one likes to come clean, but sometimes you just have to

A few days ago, this puppy got his first full-on bath in the kitchen sink.

It was gentle and smelled good, the water was the perfect temperature.

There were trusted hands holding me while I was partially submerged and I admit it felt pretty good to be rubbed all over.

But there was still the fear of the unknown and I shook like a leaf in a hurricane.

You know, no one ever likes to come clean, but sometimes you just have to.

Cleaning my fur and cleansing the soul are really similar, I realized.

Sometimes my hair gets smelly from all the stuff I rolled in while in the yard. Just like sometimes our lives become unappealing because we try to jam too much in – too much work, too much chasing kids’ activities, too much time on the cell phone, too much worrying about money and too much stressing about time.

Sometimes the corners of my little eyes get crusty and crunchy, from all the sleeping I do at this stage, and someone has to wipe away the gunk so I can clearly see. Just like sometimes we try to be blind to the ugly things in our world because it’s easier not to look at it.

Sometimes my hair needs to be brushed, to get rid of all the unappealing particles I somehow collect. Just like sometimes we need to just shed negative feelings that seep in from what other people think when it really shouldn’t matter.

Sometimes my little nails have to be slightly clipped, so I don’t hurt myself or others. Just like sometimes our egos have to be trimmed down so we can be grounded and realize the world really doesn’t revolve around just us.

Sometimes my teeth have to be cleaned so I have good breath and people want to be around me. Just like sometimes we have to just clean up our act and try to be a little kinder so the others around us can appreciate/benefit from our presence and what we have to offer.

And sometimes, unfortunately, my little behind needs to be wiped down really good because, well, no one wants matting down there. Just like sometimes we realize we’ve been treating someone shitty and the only remedy is an apology.

I don’t know much, I’m just a puppy. But I can say that when that bath was over, I was treated to a full-on towel dry to be followed by the use of a loud machine called a blow dryer. It wasn’t the most pleasant experience getting to that point, but darn it, I looked handsome, smelled delicious, felt lighter and relieved after it was all said and done. I guess it probably feels good, too, when we try to declutter our lives, right wrongs, recognize injustice, admit we aren’t as smart as we think we might be and try to live in the moment.

No one ever really wants to come clean, but sometimes you just have to.

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