York man sentenced for drug possession

YORK – Keith J. Davis, 60, of York, has been sentenced in a case involving possession of methamphetamine after being arrested during a traffic stop in York.

According to court documents, officers with the York Police Department stopped a vehicle because they knew the driver had a suspended license and was a participant of York County’s Problem Solving Court.

Davis was in the front passenger seat and a woman was in the back seat. The officer said in his affidavit all three people were “exceptionally nervous” and the woman removed a bag of marijuana from her purse and handed it to the officer.

The officer informed them they would be searching the mini-van – at that point, a child suddenly sat up between the driver and Davis. The officer said the child was unrestrained and lying on the center console – the child told the officer he had laid back so the officer couldn’t see him. The adults in the vehicle said there was no room for the child in a seat as it was completely filled with bags, furniture and other objects.

The officer says he found methamphetamine on Davis’ person and he was arrested. It is noted in court documents that David “continuously kicked the inside of the door and window (of the cruiser), attempting to break the window, all the while screaming profanities at me.”

A used syringe was found on the woman’s person.

Inside the vehicle, officers found envelopes with names written on them, containing methamphetamine and “fully accessible to the child in the vehicle.” It was later confirmed they had purchased the methamphetamine from a “known narcotics dealer” in York.

Davis had also initially been charged with child abuse, but that was later dismissed.

For the possession conviction, Davis was sentenced to three years of traditional probation. The probation term includes two future stints in jail (one 30-day, the other 29 days) that can be waived by the court if he is found to be in compliance with the terms of his probation.


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