Questions of the Week — Readers ask about parking, jail, advertising on website

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The following questions were asked this week by inquiring readers:


Q: Can something be done about the issue of county employees who keep parking around the courthouse? They use up parking spots all day sometimes.

A: This very topic was brought up during committee reports at the York County Commissioners’ meeting this week.

Commissioner Daniel Grotz said he was approached by a “concerned citizen who had been talking to other concerned citizens about county employees parking at the courthouse. I know some utilize the spots around the courthouse and I was asked to bring up the fact that residents see them parking out front. I don’t know that we can say they can’t park there but they wanted everyone to know they see the employees parking there.”


Q: I read the story about the jail population problem in York County. Is that unique to York County or is that experienced in other counties as well?

A: It is experienced in other counties as well.

In recent years, a number of counties built brand new, much larger jails and those are the ones being utilized for housing excess inmates from other counties.

However, as mentioned by jail staff this week, some new jails in other counties are already seeing their inmate populations reaching the top of their capacities.


Q: Also, about the county’s jail housing issue, I was curious as to whether they have enough staff to handle all those inmates?

A: Nic Marsden, corrections director for the county, said this week they are currently fully staffed.


Q: To – I see you now have banner ads on your website and I’m so excited about that! How do businesses go about inquiring about advertising on your site because I would love to!

A: Go to for more information! Indicate who you are and we will get right back to you with all you need to know.

We certainly appreciate all the local support we have been receiving from local businesses who are advertising with us! That allows the website to keep growing, for us to continue to offer local news in this capacity! And the more support we receive, the more we can do! Thank you!

And to the readers who have become “regulars” – thank you. Please share with your friends and family and co-workers! To our new readers – welcome! Browse around the site and watch for notifications on social media when new stories and editorials are published! Expect new material every day, so follow us on Facebook or just simply bookmark the site.

We are so excited about this new endeavor and all your support will allow this to continue and thrive!


Q: Thank you for the coverage about the Hearthstone expansion. It was so good to hear this type of project is taking place in our community! Can you tell us how many beds does the Hearthstone have now? And who is on the York General Health Care Services Board of Directors – because I want to congratulate them for their foresight.

A: According to York General Health Care Services, the Hearthstone is a 127-bed skilled nursing/rehabilitation facility.

The York General Health Care Services Board includes: President Chuck Harris, Vice-president Kelly Thomas, Treasurer Kris Holoch, Secretary Shirley Witte, Director Mitch Bartholomew, Director Miles Berg, Director Terri Carlson, Director Carrie Colburn, Director Steve Ermer, Director Jane Jensen, Director Tony North, Director Candy Otte and Director Dr. Brady Fickenscher.

The advisory board includes Cheree Folts, Pat Hanrahan, Zac Holoch, Amie Kopcho, Nic McCarthy and Catherine Seufferlein.


Q: This year, I got baby chickens and I’m just now getting eggs. Someone told me to give them eggshells because it’s good for them, but that sounds so weird. Is that true?

A: Yes, it is healthy for chickens to eat eggshells. Eggshells, according to numerous sources, are made of calcium carbonate, which is the same material that makes up your chickens’ bones and eggs. A chicken’s body needs to absorb this material for its eggshells and bones to remain strong. Egg-laying chickens have a lot of use for eating eggshells, as long as they are prepared and served correctly. The eggshell from a healthy egg has a lot of nutrients and minerals that promote strong eggs.

The eggshells need to be dried and then crushed.


Q: Who is the largest employer in York County? With the most employees?

A: York General Health Care Services.


Q: Is there a way to juice a lemon without having one of those contraptions or an electric juicer?

A: Sure! Just halve it and squeeze it over a cupped hand, which will catch the pulp and seeds so they don’t fall in the extracted juice. Hands are the best tools after all.




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