The world according to Rico – Dorito Dust opened my eyes to Grass Is Greener affliction

God blesses us every single morning with the ability to open our eyes, take a deep breath, stretch our legs and start another day. We take it for granted, don’t we?

We just expect it and I really don’t think we appreciate it.

God gives us so much in this world. Especially in America. We have the ability to have air conditioning and streets and homes and jobs and food and electricity and water that comes out of the faucet. A lot of other places in the world don’t have those amenities and I just don’t think we realize how fortunate we are.

And doesn’t it seem like we always still want something we don’t have? Mom calls it the Grass Is Greener (Over There) affliction, where no matter how much we have, we always want more. We especially want what is out of our reach.

As a little puppy, I was completely content with the fabulous concoction found in my bowl each morning, noon and night. My folks have been so sweet to mix some canned food with some dry food and place it in a special bowl just for me. Granted, it had to be on a plate for a while, because I just was so short I couldn’t see inside the bowl. But now, I’ve graduated to a Big Boy dish and it feels great to be more mature.

I was thrilled with that strange texture of some sort of veterinarian-recommended food (that’s an entirely different story) with special dry bits. I rolled it around in my little mouth and licked the bowl, it was just what I needed to get through the day. It put me on a regular schedule and filled my little puppy belly just fine.

Then something happened the other night where temptation creeped into my soul and I felt the first effects of the Grass Is Greener affliction.

I inadvertently found myself in contact with a big red bag that said Doritos and something about a party. Everyone loves a party, I reasoned, so why not venture in to see what was happening?

Well, inside that empty bag was something I now know was called Doritos Dust – the seasoning and crumbs left behind after humans embarked upon a practice called snacking.

I stuck my head inside that container and was instantly enamored with the scent and taste of something I’d never experienced before. Oh my gosh, how I loved it.

There was no taste of animal byproducts but rather this sort of spicy, sort of salty, sort of fantastic aroma and residual effect on my inexperienced palate. The bag crinkled around my little Keeshond head and while I couldn’t see the parents running to remove it, I could hear them talking about how I wouldn’t want to eat my food again. I guess it’s that temptation thing.

Oh, I licked and licked and loved it like no tomorrow. I was in heaven. Angels sang, I swear, and I had tingling, of the good kind, all over my 10-pound body.

My senses were alive and I think I heard myself bark with joy.

But unfortunately, now that I know the Grass Is Greener effect, I just can’t forget it. I’m obsessed with the memory. I want People Food. Why wouldn’t I? That higher species has evolved to create things that are so much more entertaining and satisfying – darn it, I had to be born a dog.

Dorito Dust opened my eyes to all the things the world has to offer – I’m back to fantasizing about the scent of bacon on Aunt Leenie and I have smelled something called spaghetti. I even found a cucumber slice left behind when Mom fed the chickens and while I didn’t eat it, I licked it a bunch because it’s just not regularly in my bowl. The other day, the folks put some meat on the grill and I was just floored when they didn’t share any of it with me! The audacity!

Now, they put my bowl by the dinner table, so I feel included when they eat. But it’s everything I can do to not jump up to see what they are consuming! That damn Dorito Dust has infected me and I’m trying to resist, but oh, what a moment.

I think all creatures on earth want something they can’t have. Humans want more money, a better house, a fancier car. Animals want more food than they can handle – that’s pertains to both wild and domestic varieties. There is that horrible invasive weed my mom battles in the garden – she swears it will not be satisfied until it covers everything it can reach. And don’t even get me started about the squirrels and birds attacking her giant sunflowers – they will explode if they eat that all in one day.

Why can’t we all just realize that God gives us what we need at this point in our lives, as well as the opportunity to have more in the future if He decides that’s what’s best?

I guess sometimes, when we get a taste of what else is out there, we momentarily forget what we already had.

Anyway, I’m trying to just be happy that I get my standard concoction on a regular basis, because it’s what is best for me and my little belly is growing by the day. I also have plenty of water, toys, a soft bed, cold floors when it’s 100 degrees outside and people who love me.

But dang it, I just want to jump into more Doritos Dust – to see why the grass is greener over there.


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