Waco man caught with large amount of meth gets trial postponed

YORK –Troy West, 51, of Waco, who was allegedly caught with a very large amount of methamphetamine, has been granted a continuance of his trial.

According to court documents, a deputy with the York County Sheriff’s Department was on regular patrol in the middle of the night, in the area of Roads S and 14, when he saw a vehicle without an operating headlight. A traffic stop was initiated.

West was the driver.

According to the affidavit filed with the court, the deputy did a record check and was advised by York County Communications that “Mr. West is known to be associated with drugs and is considered a dangerous person.”

West told the deputy he was currently on probation, according to the court documents.

The passenger of the vehicle was also the owner of the vehicle and he gave the deputy consent to search the vehicle.

During the search, deputies allegedly found a black sunglass case in which there was a methamphetamine smoking pipe, a tissue with four white pills and a Mary Kay brand, clear container containing a white crystal-like substance. Deputies also found a black zip-up bag containing several pocket knives and two plastic bags containing a white crystal-like substance.

According to the deputy’s affidavit, West allegedly told the officers the bag did belong to him, “but the baggies were homemade ant killer.”

The substance in the Mary Kay container tested positive as methamphetamine and the pills were identified as Buspirone Hydrochloride and Lorazepam. The substance in the zip-up bag belonging to West tested positive as methamphetamine, weighing 42.4 grams.

West earlier pleaded not guilty to possession of 28-139 grams of methamphetamine, a Class 1C felony, and having no drug tax stamp, a Class 4 felony. A Class 1C felony carries a possible maximum sentence of 5-50 years in prison and a Class 4 felony carries a possible maximum sentence of two years in prison with 12 months of post-release supervision.

West is also accused of being a habitual criminal.

West’s criminal history includes a conviction for attempt of a felony in Madison County for which he was sent to prison for 18-36 months; a conviction for conspiracy to commit a Class 2 felony in Madison County, for which he was sentenced to a term of 3-5 years in prison; a conviction for delivery of an exceptionally hazardous drug in Lancaster County for which he was sentenced to a term of 6-8 years in prison; and a conviction for possession of a controlled substance in Cass County for which he was sentenced to a term of 20 months to five years in prison.

This past week in York County District Court, West asked for a continuance of his jury trial, during a status hearing. West appeared without counsel. The continuance was granted, until late August.

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