Inmate housing still an issue at county jail

YORK – The York County Jail continues to be at full capacity, which then requires payments to outside jails to house some of the inmates in local custody.

The issue is frequently discussed by the county commissioners, as it was this week, as the bills continue to come in from other counties who are accommodating those inmates.

When reviewing the claims this week, York County Commissioner Stan Boehr asked about the bills received from other counties, specifically one received from Platte County.

“Yes, that is to house our inmates because we are full,” explained York County Commissioner Randy Obermier. “There is still a large housing issue with the jail. The numbers of inmates fluctuate. We can hold 33.”

“Right now, we are probably at about 42 county inmates,” said York County Attorney Gary Olson.

“When we were at an all-time high last year, the number was in the 70s,” Obermier said.

“We got to a low in the 20s recently, but that number is back up now,” Olson added.

Obermier explained how the county is required to pay other counties an average of about $55 a day, per inmate, to house them.

As long as the individual is still legally in York County’s custody, the county’s taxpayers are responsible for paying for the inmates’ housing, medical and dental needs.



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