The world according to Rico – The love of flowers, despite the drought

Why does everyone love flowers so much? I’m just a puppy nearly reaching my three-month birthday and I already notice that people are obsessed with the ornamental plants.

Everywhere I look, people have things planted in pots and beds and wheelbarrows and gardens.

It’s so beautiful.

Most of them are at my eye level, so everywhere my leash takes me, I see them.

And I admire the dedicated souls who are so diligent in keeping their buds thriving in this heat and dry situation they call a drought.

I haven’t been alive long enough to know for sure, but I hear this is one of the driest situations this area of Nebraska has been in for many years. And it’s only the start of July.

I’ve been told the City of York – and many other communities – are asking for voluntary restrictions on watering because the well levels are getting low. Puppies don’t know much about watering, except for what we do each morning in the yard. But I think it might be serious.

And a nice man named York Fire Chief Tony Bestwick told my mom he was worried about people lighting fireworks with it being so dry. We sure don’t want fires on the Fourth of July.

Last night, I heard that awful thunder and shuddered at the horror of it all. But I could hear my folks, in the dark, say things like, “Thank God, there’s some rain,” and “Hope it’s enough to make a difference.”

They say they are worried about the farmers because some things called pivots have already “gone around so many times it might as well be the end of August.” I guess when those pivot things go around, it costs a lot of money and a lot of water comes out of an underground ocean called the aquifer. It’s a lot for me to take in, but I know enough from their tones that people will be financially impacted by all this. Well, unless God smiles on all of us and brings down enough moisture over a period of time to provide some relief.

I heard York County Commissioner Woody Ziegler talked about the drought during this week’s meeting of the county board and those guys are worried about the drought too, because it affects the farming economy and the ripple effect ultimately reaches everyone.

But this morning when I went for my early morning walk, there was actually rain coming down from the sky and the dead grass was wet. That was a different experience, compared to what I’ve been used to.

I don’t know if we are getting enough rain to make a big impact, but I guess we have to be thankful for what God gives us.

The flowers glistened as they were wet with raindrops and they looked as if they had actually grown since yesterday, thanks to the liquid gold that was bestowed upon us. The petals were big and colorful, not wimpy and straggly like they typically look right before Mom gives them water.

I had to stop to admire them just in case they don’t look like that again, if the rain clouds don’t come back for a while. The pinks, blues, purples, reds. They are so pretty I’d like to eat them, but the folks won’t let me. I guess some of the blossoms might be bad for my little tummy. And they are still spooked from my throwing up two weeks ago after I nibbled on grass.

Right now, as I’m dictating this blog and my mom is transcribing my words, the rain is coming down and I’m lying by the door, looking out on a blissful rainy morning. It’s so peaceful, as the drops hit the deck and the flowers sigh with relief.

It’s so peaceful, I’m becoming lethargic. I think it’s time for the first of my 13 puppy naps today.

I’ll just take one more look at the pretty petunias before I go back to sleep.


Bark at ya’ later!




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