Peyton Parker Lane Playground’s getting lots of use and “holding up well”

YORK – Peyton Parker Lane has been open for more than a month now and it’s getting a ton of use, says one of the co-founders, Julie Hoffman.

Her labor of love has become reality and she’s thrilled to see so many people enjoying the huge all-inclusive playground.

“For as much as it’s being used, it’s holding up pretty well,” she said this week as she walked among the play stations.

With anything new, involving the public, there are some learning curves along the way, she acknowledged.

She wanted to give a gentle reminder about how to avoid a few things that have happened in the playground’s early days.

“We have a lot of people coming up here with their dogs, because the entire playground is fenced in,” Hoffman said. “We just ask that people keep their dogs on leashes. We had an incident with a kiddo being bitten by a dog – just because when you have dogs in here with a bunch of really excited kids, things like that can happen. Everything turned out fine with that incident, but we just hope people will use leashes.”

She also asks that older kids be a little more gentle with some of the play features.

“Some older kids were playing with the zipline, being pretty rough with it, and now it doesn’t work right,” Hoffman said. “We want everyone to play with everything, but not be overly rough with it. We will get this fixed, but just a little reminder to kids to not be overly aggressive can’t hurt.”

There was also a graffiti incident at the park.

“The family who found the graffiti cleaned it up, which was awesome,” Hoffman said. “It was just an isolated incident and it’s been remedied. But we want to keep this park as nice as we can – we all, in this community, worked so hard to create it and we want it to be working and in good shape for a long time. There will be a lot of kids and adults playing in here for many years to come.”

She loves standing on “the hill” and looking over the playground at Mincks Park.

“I just love this place,” she sighs as she sees the reality so many worked toward and donated to.

She said fundraising continues, as they want to erect a donor recognition feature. They also want to raise money for an entry button at the front gate, to make it easier for individuals to automatically open.

“We’ve run across these few things along the way, but the place is holding up beautifully,” Hoffman said, “and people are loving it as much as we had hoped.”

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