Valuation protests continue to come in, days remain to file

YORK – Valuation protests continue to be filed with the county, as the deadline nears.

Property owners who want to protest their valuations can file to ask for a hearing through the end of this week.

“We are accepting protests until the end of June 30,” said York County Assessor Kurt Bulgrin. “Sometimes we have errors, or things are no longer there. Sometimes with just information and a conversation, we have been able to clear up some valuation issues.

“Right now, we are up to 14 hearings, as of this morning, and I anticipate about 12 more will come in,” Bulgrin said. “A commercial appraisal took place last year and those numbers were entered this year. So that might create more.”

This week, the commissioners – sitting as the board of equalization – approved four valuation changes recommended by Bulgrin. All four saw the valuations decrease, based on new information that had been provided to the assessor’s office. These changes were made without a formal hearing involving the property owners.

Once the protest deadline is reached and the number of necessary hearings is known, a hearing schedule will be formulated. During the hearings, property owners will have the opportunity to speak with the county board and the assessor, to make their case as to why their valuations should be lowered.

The board of equalization will vote on the changes.

If a property owner still does not agree with the board’s decision, they have the ability to file a protest with the state’s Tax Equalization Review Commission.


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