New broadband survey being conducted around state

YORK – York County Commissioner Woody Ziegler is encouraging York County residents to participate in a statewide survey that is part of the state’s effort to secure $480 million in federal dollars to expand broadband offerings in unserved areas.

Ziegler told his fellow commissioners how he attended a statewide workshop for county board members and one of the more interesting sessions was the potential for this effort.

“This would help deal with our broadband infrastructure and they are asking for feedback from officials and the public,” Ziegler explained. “This grant, if awarded, would increase services in the state, which is badly needed. This will allow people to say what services they have and the level of quality of services they have.”

Ziegler said listening sessions will be held in a variety of locations and individuals also have the opportunity to fill out the feedback form online. There are also hopes for webinars to be scheduled in addition.

“Yes, federal dollars are our tax dollars, but will go to someone else if we don’t get it,” Commissioner Ziegler said.

Affordable and reliable high-speed internet access has become even more critical for economic growth, agriculture, health access, educational opportunities, workforce participation and improving the lives of Nebraskans in general. Also, 51% of Nebraska farmers and ranchers manage crops or livestock using precision agriculture technologies. But many still lack access to broadband due to it being unavailable, unreliable or unaffordable.

The feedback form is relatively short and is an important way for the state’s broadband needs to be accurately recognized. To fill out the form, go to


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