Commissioners sit down with congressman’s rep, discuss federal positions

YORK – The York County Commissioners had an opportunity to sit down with Jared Reimers, who is the district coordinator for Congressman Adrian Smith.

Reimers, who works out of Smith’s Grand Island office, meets periodically with county boards in the Third District, to explain their services and the congressman’s committee assignments. He also takes questions, hears about issues and transfers concerns back to Smith in Washington D.C.

Reimers talked about Smith’s work on the Ways and Means Committee and his ongoing endeavors in supporting trade for Nebraskans.

Commissioner Stan Boehr, however, said he wanted to hear more from the congressman about hot button issues that are embroiling this country right now.

“He’s not being vocal about this Hunter Biden situation,” Commissioner Boehr said, “or the Trump situation. He’s just not saying anything.”

Reimers said Congressman Smith “feels the justice system should do its work, but he was very vocal about these topics last night during his town hall.”

Commissioner Woody Ziegler said, “In general, I don’t feel we see or hear from Congressman Smith. As issues become more public, our representatives should talk more about those issues. We aren’t hearing from them. We don’t know Adrian Smith is there. He’s doing the policy things that need to be done with his committees and the trade work is good, but regarding the political issues we are interested in, we aren’t getting direct answers. I wish he had more of a presence as a Republican. I don’t hear that coming from him – it’s important to us and I feel like we are being ignored.”

Commissioner Jack Sikes said he wholeheartedly agreed with Commissioner Ziegler.

“He should have an opinion about these very important political issues right now,” Sikes said, “and that opinion should be put out to the public. We need to hear it. We elected him and we aren’t hearing from him. He’s supposed to be representing us, not his positions on those committees.”

Due to a lengthy agenda before the commissioners, the conversation ended at that point, with Reimers saying they could visit with him later in the day, as he would be available to the public during a remote office opportunity. He also said he would take their comments back to Congressman Smith.



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