York imposes voluntary water restrictions

YORK — The City of York announced the need for voluntary water restrictions on Thursday, June 22. The lack of rain combined with the hot summer days has lowered water levels in the wells. Water Superintendent Brandon Osentowski said that he normally doesn’t see this low of water levels except in August, when the end of summer, and watering season, is just around the corner.

“These low levels now are occurring in June, when we still have months of watering and irrigating left,” he said.

Starting immediately, the city asks residents to voluntarily restrict excessive uses of water and limit watering of lawns and gardens to every other day.

Osentsowki said, “We encourage those with even house numbers to water on even numbered dates and those with odd number house numbers to water on odd number dates. So, tomorrow, June 23, it would be the day for those in the city whose house or business number is an odd number to water.

“The city will be watching our city water use as well. One consequence of our city water cut-backs will be a reduction in the hours that the new splash pad will be available. The new splash pad will now only be available from 2-6 p.m.,  until the water situation improves.”

“It is our hope that if we start voluntary restrictions now, we will not have to enter a water emergency where we have to restrict water usage even further,” said Mayor Redfern.


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