The world according to Rico – Bored? No. Tired? Yes.

It’s me, Rico!

A week ago, I introduced myself and my new blog. Since I last touched base, I’ve been super busy and subsequently super tired!

I’ve been a York resident for a week and a half now. Life has been a whirlwind, getting used to my surroundings, my new jobs and new friends! Heck, I just recently met my folks, so I have to really sell myself in this career of being a puppy.

I started this blog last Thursday and then I went to my other job site for the first time on Saturday night! Apparently, the crew put on black clothes with lettering that said “JW’s Catering” and hauled a whole bunch of food somewhere. When they all got back, my dad picked me up at home and brought me to “the shop” where everyone was hustling and bustling, carrying chaffers and totes and bus tubs. They were unloading a trailer, a little refrigerated/heated truck, a couple of vans. They seemed like they had a lot to do and were running around like the ants I see in Mom’s garden.

But boy, when they saw me, they literally dropped everything and made squealing noises! I don’t think a little guy like me has ever been hugged by so many caterers at once! They were careful not to squeeze me too tight, which I greatly appreciated.

I met Jackie and Jaeda and Janelle and Kaylie and Jenna. I know there are others besides them, but they weren’t there just then.

Aunt Leenie (aka Eilene) was already at the big sink, washing pans, and I was so thrilled to see someone I already knew! I met her earlier, when we stopped at her house on our way home my first day. Then I ran into her at Stone Creek in McCool one morning – when I was there with my dad, helping him water flowers and fix the ice machine. Her hands instantly popped up from the bubbles and she exclaimed, “Oh, my little nephew Rico!” I must have kissed her a dozen times – I have to admit I’m pretty smitten with her green eyes.

I wasn’t at the shop long and my feet never touched the ground, but I was sure ready for bed when we got home! I was so tired, I didn’t even wake up the folks until the late hour of 4 a.m.!

Also this week, I went on a ride with my dad to a place called Gloysteins Clinic. I was a little nervous going in there at first, but they were all so nice to me and a sweet lady named Claudia said she hadn’t seen a little Keeshond like me in a long time! She also remembered my Great-Great-Uncle Bono because I guess he’d been a regular before that whole Rainbow Bridge situation. They listened to my heart and felt around my little belly. In the end, the diagnosis was that I’m just as healthy as I am cute!

The other morning, my mom had to be at the courthouse for work so I was left alone for probably the longest spell since my arrival. Fortunately, she left the television on to keep me company and I spent several hours watching news coverage of Donald Trump’s indictment. I don’t know what any of it means, but some call it a political witch hunt while others scream no one is above the law. As far as the guy himself, I kind of liked him. He waved a lot and there were pretty flags blowing in the wind as people stood around to look at him. His motorcade stopped at a restaurant in a place called Miami where enamored people shook his hand and asked him to pose for photos with them – it kind of reminded me of my first night at the shop. I guess I’m a little like Donald Trump – with the exception of the federal indictment, as well as that his motorcade is black and our catering vehicles are all white. And my hair is way better.

When my mom came home, I got so excited that somehow I got my nose stuck in the middle of my rubber toy tire and she had to come to the rescue. I think she was a little worried because she didn’t even get mad that I gnawed on her leopard-print shoes while watching men in blue suits and ladies in sleeveless dresses sit around a desk hashing out the whole Trump deal. I don’t think anyone at that table won the argument because they were still talking about it this morning.

I highly doubt I will ever be bored here. I’ll go to work with the folks when I can and when I can’t, there are plenty of political roundtables to watch. I heard this afternoon some guy named Hunter Biden illegally got millions for selling access to someone called The Big Guy. And more people want to run for president in 2024, even though we’re only midway through 2023.

Bored? No. But tired? Yes.



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