Benedict man gets probation for child abuse, strangulation and tampering

YORK – David Dowdy, 45, of Benedict, who was convicted of child abuse, tampering with a witness and strangulation, was sentenced to probation this past week in York County District Court.

Dowdy was charged in two separate cases.

Regarding the first case, the York County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to Dowdy’s residence in Benedict, upon the report that he had assaulted a minor by choking her. It was noted in court documents that the minor had red marks on her neck and the minor reported he had assaulted her before as well.

There were also allegations listed that indicated prior violence in the residence, prior to the strangulation situation.

Deputies say in the affidavit filed with the court, “the conditions in the residence were deplorable. In the kitchen, there were fly feces on the ceiling and walls and trash scattered everywhere. In the stairwell leading to (children’s) bedrooms, there was a brown substance on the wall along with pet hair and what appeared to be food debris on the stairs. In the upstairs bathroom there was trash and more animal feces on the ground. One (child’s) bedroom was located in the basement of the residence. Her bedroom along with the laundry room were flooded and there were dog feces scattered across the floor. There was no place in the room where you could stand where there was not standing water. The area rug next to the bed, the items under the bed and the couch in her room were soaked in water. Based off water stains on the side of the couch, it appears the water level was as high as six inches at one time. The basement had an odor of mildew and mold. (One child) stated the water has been in the basement for a while and the dog feces have been in the basement for a while as well.”

The minors were removed from the home and deputies indicate in the affidavit there has been an extensive history of intakes with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services – numbering 27.

It was also noted that Dowdy is a convicted felon and multi-state offender. The affidavit indicates his criminal history includes entries for being a fugitive from justice, failure to appear, failure to pay, failure to appear or comply with a citation, failure to identify, burglary, obstruction and criminal mischief.

In this case, he pleaded no contest to strangulation, a Class 3A felony, and two counts of negligent child abuse, Class 1 misdemeanors. He was facing a possible maximum sentence of five years in prison.

In the second case, he was accused of three felony counts of tampering with a witness. As part of a plea agreement, he pleaded no contest to one count and the other two were dropped. This conviction is for a Class 4 felony, which carries a possible maximum sentence of two years in prison.

He was sentenced to a total of three years of probation for all the convictions.


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