Valuation protests to start in two weeks

YORK – Valuation protests, before the York County Commissioners sitting as the Board of Equalization, will start in two weeks.

Each June, after valuation notices are sent out, property owners have the opportunity to protest their values if they choose. The board considers their arguments and also hears recommendations from the assessor. The board rules as to whether the assessor’s valuation stands or if it should be changed based on information from the owner. If the owner wants to appeal the board’s decision, they can do so with the Nebraska Tax Equalization Review Commission.

Valuation notices are only sent to property owners if their values changed since last year.

“We sent out some notices and there will be some protests,” Bulgrin said. “We have had questions from property owners and some of those issues can be handled by our office without a formal hearing. But there will be some property owners before you, for protests. We will start at your next meeting and go from there.”

He didn’t say how many protest hearings will have to be held as the process is still underway.

If someone has questions about their valuation notices or wants to provide information about their property that might change the value, they are encouraged to contact the assessor’s office. The office is located on the main floor of the courthouse or they can be reached by phone at 402-362-4926.

Valuation protests must be filed by June 30.

It was also noted that Bulgrin will provide information regarding the valuation process at each hearing session, prior to it starting, so everyone knows how the figures were determined.


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