Report of destroyed property due before July 15

YORK – York County Assessor Kurt Bulgrin is passing along information from the Nebraska Department of Revenue, Property Assessment Division, which reminds real property owners who have suffered significant damage to their property on or after Jan. 1 and before July 1, 2023, that the proper form is now available to do so.

Form 425 is available and can be filed with the county assessor and the county clerk on or before July 15. Because July 15 falls on a Saturday this year, it has to be done before Monday, July 17.

Calamity means “a disastrous event, including but not limited to a fire, flood or other natural event that significantly affected the assessed value of the property.”

Last year, a number of York County property owners filed this form with the York County Assessor’s office because there were properties that were heavily damaged or destroyed by June’s devastating hail storm/tornadoes in the county.

Significant damage means:

  • Damage to an improvement exceeding 20% of the improvement’s assessed value in the current tax year as determined by the assessor.
  • Damage to the land exceeding 20% of the parcel’s assessed land value in the current tax year as determined by the assessor.
  • Damage exceeding 20% of the property’s assessed value in the current tax year as determined by the county assessor if the property is located in an area that has been declared a disaster area by the governor – and a housing inspector or health inspector has determined the property is uninhabitable or unlivable.

The county board of equalization will consider the report to determine any adjustments to the assessed value for the current year.

The board of equalization has to act on the filings before July 25 or on or before Aug. 10 if the board has adopted a resolution to extend the deadline to hear protests.

Form 425 can be downloaded by going to

Individuals can also contact the assessor’s office to request a form.


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