York County sees slight increase in population

YORK – According to latest estimated figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, York County saw a slight increase in population between 2020 and 2022.

The population of York County was determined to be 14,103 in 2020, when the official census was conducted.

Estimates by the bureau show York County’s population grew to 14,248 in 2021 and 14,354 in 2022.

York County remains the 21st largest county in the state, according to the census bureau.

Seward County saw a smaller increase than York County in the same span of time. Seward County’s population was 17,614 in 2020; then decreased to 17,584 in 2021; and was estimated to be 17,692 in 2022.

Polk County’s population decreased, from 5,212 in 2020 to 5,166 in 2022. It had dipped down to 5,159 in 2021.

Census figures for Hamilton County were as follows: 9,404 in 2020; 9,382 in 2021; and 9.429 in 2022.

Fillmore County’s population decreased. 2020 Census figures show that county’s population was determined to be 5,572 in 2020; 5,555 in in 2021; and 5,553 in 2022.


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