York man changes plea in kidnapping, strangulation case

YORK – Joseph Acey Jane, 19, of York, has changed his pleas in a case involving kidnapping, strangulation, use of a deadly weapon, terroristic threats and assault.

He appeared in York County District Court before Judge James Stecker, to change his pleas.

Court documents indicate the situation, creating this case, occurred in the 100 Block of West Eighth Street, in York.

Court documents indicate Jane threatened a woman with a metal fork, aggressively stabbing at her with the instrument and then putting his hands over her mouth and nostrils impeding her breathing. It was also alleged that while she tried to get away, he restrained her against a wall and eventually voluntarily released her. As she continued to try to leave, it was alleged he approached her “from behind, placing his arm around her neck and applying pressure. She attempted to yell but only garbled sounds came out. The assault only stopped when a man breached the door and engaged in a confrontation with Jane.” The woman then fled the apartment.

Court documents indicate that the identity of the man who breached the door is unknown at this time.

The woman was able to show officers bruises she sustained in the assault.

It is also indicated in court documents that Jane later attempted to apologize to the victim, by leaving a voice mail which was heard by officers, in which he referenced the situation.

He has pleaded no contest to attempted use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony, a Class 2A felony; assault by strangulation, a Class 3A felony; and third degree domestic assault, a Class 1 misdemeanor. The charges of kidnapping and terroristic threats were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

A jury trial has been set for July 31.


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