Landfill budget proposals made for new fiscal year

YORK – A number of budget proposals were made this past week for the 2023-24 fiscal year regarding the city’s expenses at the landfill.

York Public Works Director James Paul said the massive amount of debris brought to the landfill since last June’s devastating hail storm has provided not only wear and tear to equipment, but also the realization a part-time position might need to be added.

“We have two compactors out there, for general operations and for the demo/construction area,” Paul explained. “The demo/construction compactor needs some work on the hydraulic system – with all the storm damage debris, it saw significant wear and tear.

“We are also exploring the opportunity to add a part-time person out there,” he said further. “As we have been seeing comp and overtime, that amount was $37,000 this past year and a part-time person would cost $21,000 instead. From our experience last year, the landfill had to be open six days a week. We had a hard time figuring out how to operate and still let people have time off.”

Paul said he would like to do some minor renovation work at the landfill office building to provide more security; he would like to purchase a towable magnet (because of all the construction debris that has been coming in, this would help them avoid punctured tires); he’d like to add a large overhead door to a building there so the bulldozer can be pulled in and away from the elements; and he would like to explore putting up better traffic control signals to help direct people where to go for different purposes.

Mayor Barry Redfern thanked Paul for all his work, “as there have been a lot of projects, we’ve had a lot going on and you are doing a great job.”

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