York County Sheriff Corporal receives MADD Hero Award

YORK – York County Sheriff Corporal Taylor Samek has been named a winner of the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Hero Award.

This award is given to a trained drug recognition expert (DRE) “whose skills have helped take substance-impaired drivers off the roadways in Nebraska.”

Last year, Corporal Samek’s DUI and drug influence evaluations led to the arrest of 46 people who were driving while impaired in York County.

He was presented the award by Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Safety Administrator Bill Kovarik and MADD National Law Enforcement Initiatives Manager Ron Replogle during a recent recognition event.

Those who chose Corporal Samek for the award said, “It is worth noting that Corporal Samek was nominated twice this year. His DUI arrest numbers were impressive, but the committee really found his passion for DRE work incredible. He is always willing to come to the aid of both co-workers and other agencies. He has devoted his career to removing impaired drivers from the roads. He has a highly impressive 96% conviction rate. He is a leader, an expert and a professional at every level. Nebraska is lucky to have him.”


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