Update on county bridge work

YORK – Bridge work in the county is coming along quickly and efficiently, says York County Highway Superintendent Harvey Keim.

During his report before the commissioners Tuesday morning, he said that while the area desperately needs rain, the lack thereof has provided plenty of opportunity for construction – which has helped amp up the amount of work getting done.

The bridge reconstruction projects in the county are part of this year’s road program.

Regarding the bridge replacement on Road 20, Keim said the “rails are being formed up and piers are being formed.”

On Road 2, the reconstructed bridge is open and only needs grass seeding in the area.

The new bridge on Road K “is nearly finished. The crews are working to build the road over the box and we are anticipating it to be open by the end of the week.”

Regarding the bridge work on Road O, Keim said “the guard rails are up and the dirt work is mostly done. We are also anticipating that this one will be open by the end of the week as well.

“That’s the status of where your projects are right now,” Keim said to the county board members. “Other than that, we are continuing to haul rock and blade roads.”

Commissioner Daniel Grotz added that he’s received comments from the public regarding the progress on important infrastructure improvements and how constituents are pleased with road work that is being done in the county.


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