County will consider changing internet provider

YORK – After a recent internet outage, the York County Commissioners have suggested they will be considering changing the county’s internet provider in the future.

The outage, which was experienced throughout York, interrupted non-emergency phone services for law enforcement agencies – as well as general internet, which all the departments rely on for daily work.

York County Commissioner Daniel Grotz, who is on the technology committee for the county, said he has concerns about the service that is currently being provided.

“We had the internet outage at the courthouse, well in most of the town I think,” Grotz told the commissioners. “You think you are prepared for everything, but then we found out we are not completely backed up for internet service in the courthouse. We do have a back up now and we need to make sure we are prepared. We might want to look at who is providing our internet service and make sure we are with the right carrier.”

“It interrupted our phone lines also, so we need to look at all of that, as a whole, when considering which is the right carrier for the county,” said Commissioner Randy Obermier.

“We have received emergency notifications several times about police and sheriff non-emergency lines not working,” added Commissioner Jack Sikes. “My question is if anything has been done to not allow that to happen again, has anything been done to correct that situation? That’s a major problem we really have to look at.”

“Well, there are internet options now available to us that didn’t exist six months ago,” said Commissioner Woody Ziegler.

This topic was addressed during committee reports, so no action was taken but it is expected this topic will likely be placed on the regular agenda in the future.

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