County hires human resources firm

YORK – York County has hired an outside firm to assist with human resources (HR) work.

This has been discussed for a number of years, as the county itself – as an entity — is one of the largest employers in this area. The county commissioners have looked at creating a new HR position within the clerk’s office, as well as paying an outside firm.

They have agreed to hired Zelle HR, a firm located in Lincoln.

York County Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier explained to the other board members how he, County Clerk Kelly Turner and Commissioner Daniel Grotz met with representatives of the firm.

“In meeting with them, we felt they would be a great resource for HR and doing payroll, but also would be a good resource for all the county’s departments,” Commissioner Grotz said, “and all the county’s employees. We also feel they will be easy to work with.”

“We would like to hire them to start the services June 1 and then go into and throughout the next fiscal year,” Obermier said.

“I agree, they will provide great training for all the department heads,” Turner said.

Obermier noted how a number of York County officials attended conferences and training in the last few months, regarding county business and topics that are now being faced by many county officials in the state. “And there was a lot thrown at us, things we need assistance with. This will be great training as well as a service, for all the officials, department heads and employees.”

“And this will not be like we are bringing in one person to do specific HR work, this will provide a wide variety of services,” said Commissioner Woody Ziegler.

“Our proximity, with them just being in Lincoln, will be advantageous as well, I think,” Obermier said. “If we would have hired a specific person to do HR work, that would have cost between $75,000 and $100,000 a year, with benefits. This will cost the county $4,500 a month.”

All the county commissioners voted in favor of the contract with Zelle HR, with the start date to be June 1.


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