York County welcomes new deputy, a former Marine

YORK – He grew up in a family of law enforcement officers, went directly to the Marines after high school, worked eight years as a police officer in the Kansas City Metro area — and now is a deputy with the York County Sheriff’s Department.

This past week, Brendon Kegin joined the force.

York County Sheriff Paul Vrbka says he is excited to welcome the latest addition to the department, saying he comes with drive, education, experience and the ability to related within his new community.

Kegin talked about how both of his parents worked as police officers in Kansas City, “and when I was a kid, I thought the last thing I would do is become a cop. But after I got out of the Marines, that’s all I wanted to do.”

Kegin has had a passion for public service his whole life. During high school, his intention was to pursue a degree in business, “but in the back of my mind, public service was always there, probably because of my parents. Then, I scored pretty decent in my placement test for the military and jumped into the Marines, into the infantry.”

At 18, he entered the Marines; he turned 19 in Afghanistan.

“The Marine Corps shows you a broad prospective of all walks of life,” Kegin said. “After seeing all that, it probably pushed me toward law enforcement. I like talking with the people in the community, being a part of it all. It gave me the opportunity to have a myriad of training and education. And then I came home.”

He went home and was a police officer for eight years in the Kansas City Metro – starting at the ripe age of 21.

“Again, I hadn’t thought about police work, but after I got out of the Marines and that’s all I wanted to do,” he said.

He worked for eight years in that metro setting – then he and his wife, along with their one-year-old child, decided to move to her hometown of Geneva. His wife is working as a third generation member in a family business and he can’t be more excited to be in southeast Nebraska.

“We moved here, to live near my wife’s family in Geneva, and I’ve been working as a deputy with the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Department,” Deputy Kegin said. “That was a great experience, but I’m a more high-tempo person, I needed something busier, and this was the perfect fit.”

Right now, Deputy Kegin is going through field training, “finding out how things are done here,” and so far . . . . even though it was his first day, says he is “loving it.”

This interview was interrupted because there was a high speed pursuit on Interstate 80 and he was standing by, waiting for an assignment with another deputy.

“We love being here, we are staying here, we are excited about raising our child in a small town, in smaller communities,” the deputy said. “I want to interact with the community and talk to people who live here. That’s important. I’m so excited to be here.”

Sheriff Vrbka said the same, he’s excited to have him on the force. “He fits in well, with our intention to work for the community, for the common good. We are really glad to have him. He is part of what we are building, with great officers and an intention to serve the absolutely best we can.”

The sheriff said with the hiring of Kegin and another deputy who will be going to the academy soon, the department is currently fully staffed.



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