The miraculous transitions of life

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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the dynamic, mystical and miraculous aspects of the transitions of life.

This past year, I watched two co-workers/friends each go through nine months of pregnancy and celebrated the births of a total of three healthy baby boys (yes, two twins and a single).

This past week, I grieved with others experiencing deep loss and tragedy. Saying good-bye to people you love and admire isn’t easy . . . the hurt can’t be instantly fixed and it runs so deep.

Birth and death.

Both hold deep emotions, both make us cry.

Both make us gasp at the miracles of life.

Both make us smile as we wonder about the possibilities and remember the past.

Obviously, one is viewed as positive, the other viewed as negative.

But when we get down to it – aren’t they somehow the same?

Years ago, I read a book about “near death experiences.” It’s compelling – as we all wonder what it’s like to die. One tying thread for me was how all these different people said it was like receiving new life, transforming into a new state of being.

Kind of like being born.

The interesting thing about both experiences is that no one knows what either is like. We can’t remember our own births and we can’t interview anyone who completed the process of death. There’s so much mystery surrounding the two greatest feats that all of us accomplish.

I find it ironic there’s a similar theme for birth and death – which is going from a dark place into the light.

And both processes require pain for others – our mothers at birth, the ones we leave behind at death.

But I believe there’s a joy at the completion of each. It’s the chance for new beginnings, I suppose. Each is a new journey into the unknown for we don’t know what life will hold or what we’ll find on the other side.

So as babies prepare to be born and souls cross over, something incredible is happening. Both are things we each have to do alone – but there are people to help us along our way and a Greater Power to guide us through the two journeys.

As young women cuddle with their newborns . . . and families and friends hug each other tight while dealing with the loss of a loved one . . . both acts are accomplishing what the Lord asked them to do.

Those are the miraculous transitions of life.





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