The angel is still among us

Eleven months ago, I wrote that I took down the Christmas tree and threw away the lights that didn’t work.

I wrapped up the 30-year-old ornament that says “First Year Together.”

I broke the last of the original gold bulb supply I bought on clearance decades ago.

And the old tree skirt was repurposed because it quite frankly wasn’t much of anything anymore.

But the angel my mother-in-law, Tarri, gave me a number of years ago was going to stay out, she was going to be sticking around. She’s just too pretty to hide in storage and frankly, I kind of need her where I can see her on a daily basis.

She’s about 14 inches high, ceramic, silver and sparkly. She holds a dove in her hands. Her gown looks like it’s blowing in the wind. And the look on her face is so peaceful.

Even though Christmas 2020 was over, I just wanted her to stay where I could see her during 2021.

I can’t remember the exact number of years the angel has been with us – but every year when the Christmas season rolls around, she’s one of my favorite things to pull out, dust off and proudly display.

A few years ago I forgot to put away the angel after Christmas. We were just so busy, so swamped with everything, that I forgot to put her away with the tree and the other decorations.

I think I dusted her along with other things in my house and just gave it no thought that she was intended for Christmastime.

Then, one day, I walked into the house, exhausted and just pretty much sick of life in general. I sat down to take a breath and for some reason, my eye caught the angel. I was suddenly astounded that nearly an entire year had gone by and I didn’t realize I had left this beautiful Christmas decoration out the whole time.

But as I looked at her, I realized she’s not just a Christmas decoration. She needs to be in the main living area of my house all the time, to remind us of our real reasons for being here, to remind us that we are being watched over and somehow everything will be OK.

So I made the decision for 2021 – she was going to stay with us, front and center in the dining room.

Sure, she’s a ceramic object but she reminds me take a minute, say a prayer, hope for the best and just try to have more faith.

There were days, in the heat of the summer, I’d look at her, chill out and let God.

Well, the Christmas tree is back up, which is kind of a soothing change. We aren’t home enough to really enjoy it, but I like to walk in at the end of a long day and be greeted by the lights.

And of course, there’s the angel, always smiling.

She’s a reminder that my husband’s parents love us, we love them, we all need each other, how much divine intervention is around us at all times and that we are never alone even though we often think we are.

The angel is now in her designated timeframe, even though she was never put in storage.

I think she’ll stay for a long time. I think we are certainly going to need all she stands for, whether the new year is good, bad, or some sort of normal.


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